Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Under Way!

Follow yacht-builder, sailor and author Glenn Henderson as he journeys from Florida to Costa Rica aboard his new sailboat! This blog will keep up with Glenn as he makes a passage similar to the one in his upcoming novel, "Change of Course", the story of Griff and Jeff, and a journey of unimaginable wonder and adventure!

Henderson's witty-gritty writing style blends with his unique experiences at sea, and numerous ocean-voyages, to create an authentic sailor-tale! Now he is making that same journey again, in 2013.

Having bought a new sailboat and readied it for his passage to Costa Rica, Henderson will be blogging here about his voyage, and talking about the upcoming book, as well as his short stories.

"These stories are technically fiction but almost all off them are based on real and true incidents. I got into story telling sideways. Every time I would end up in a social situation with other sailors, we naturally would start telling sea stories. At the end of the evening my wife would tell me, "You should write all of that down.. so I did!"

This September, set sail with Glenn on the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy his blog, as he writes about this 2013 journey from the United States to Florida aboard his new boat. YOu never know what adventures are in store!

Follow Henderson's voyage here on his blog, and check out his upcoming work at

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